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Can the Manifold Block hydraulic motor replace the motor? -Manifold Block electromagnetic reversing hydraulic valve manufacturers analyze the maintenance system of hydraulic machinery


An electric motor is an electric motor, driven by electricity; Manifold Block hydraulic motor is driven by pressure oil. How does electric motor drive Manifold block hydraulic motor? Manifold block hydraulic motor has the following advantages over motor:




1. High power density: the weight of 45KW motor is 400-500kg, and the weight of 45KW Manifold block hydraulic motor may only be 45KG. In some compact volume requirements of the occasion, such as crane winch, can only use hydraulic motor;




2. Good control performance: The Manifold Block hydraulic control can achieve stepless variable speed and fast response speed; That’s a lot better than an electric motor.


Manifold Block electromagnetic directional hydraulic valve manufacturers analyze the maintenance system of hydraulic machinery


1. It is recommended to use no. 32 and No. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil as working oil, and the oil temperature should be within the range of 15 ~ 60 degrees Celsius.


2. The oil should be strictly filtered before being allowed to be added to the tank. [Electromagnetic reversing hydraulic valve]


3. The working oil should be replaced once a year, and the first time should not exceed three months;


4. The slider should often be lubricated, the appearance of the column should always be kept clean, and the oil should be injected before each work.


5. Under nominal pressure of 500T, the maximum eccentricity of concentrated load is allowed to be 40mm. Eccentricity is too easy to make the column strain or other bad phenomenon.


6. Calibration and inspection of pressure gauge every six months; [Electromagnetic reversing hydraulic valve]


7. When the machine is stopped for a long time, the surface of each part should be cleaned and coated with anti-rust oil.


Two: safety operation matters


1. Those who do not understand the structure, performance or operation procedures of the machine should not start the machine without authorization;


2, the machine in the working process, should not be repaired and adjust the mold;


3, when the machine found serious oil leakage or other abnormalities (such as unreliable action, noise, vibration, etc.) should be stopped to analyze the reasons, try to eliminate, not with disease into production:


4, shall not overload or exceed the maximum eccentricity use:


5. It is strictly prohibited to exceed the maximum stroke of the slider, and the minimum closing height of the mold shall not be less than 600mm.


6, electrical equipment grounding must be firm and reliable:


7, the end of the day: put the slider to the lowest position.


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