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Biodegradable Manifold Block hydraulic oil

In the 17th century, the Manifold block hydraulic technology took water as the working medium, but the problems such as low viscosity, poor lubricity, strong corrosion and gas corrosion of water restricted the development of hydraulic technology. By the beginning of the 20th century, the emergence of mineral-based hydraulic oil, as well as oil-resistant rubber sealing materials, greatly promoted the development and wide application of hydraulic technology, so far 85% of the hydraulic system still use mineral-based hydraulic oil, occupying an absolute dominant position.


However, for a long time, the leakage of Manifold block hydraulic oil produced in the process of use and maintenance of hydraulic system not only wastes energy and pollutes the environment, but also uses chemical additives containing heavy metal elements such as magnesium, barium and zinc to improve the performance of some hydraulic oil, which poses a threat to the environment and human health.


Manifold block hydraulic oil


With the progress of society and the development of science and technology, the problems of environment, resources and human health have become more and more important. In 1987, the World Environment Committee put forward the issue of sustainable development, and issued the ISO14000 environmental management standard in 1996. Therefore, energy saving and environmental protection have become the primary problem of the new industrialization development, which poses a severe challenge to hydraulic technology.


According to the application and development requirements of water Manifold block hydraulic system, biodegradable hydraulic oil and high temperature and pressure Manifold block hydraulic system, new sealing materials and new sealing structure form need to be developed. According to the characteristics of water hydraulic system with strong corrosion resistance, it is necessary to develop new corrosion resistant materials to meet the needs of water hydraulic components manufacturing.


In the face of resource conservation and increasingly strict environmental protection requirements, it is a new trend of hydraulic technology development to seek alternative products of mineral based hydraulic oil, develop rapid biodegradable hydraulic oil and pure water Manifold block hydraulic system, which has been highly valued by the United States, The European Union, Japan and other countries in the world. For example, some European countries stipulate that the hydraulic oil used in logging and fishing must be biodegradable to meet the requirements of environmental protection and sustainable development. Since 2000, the German federal government has allocated a special fund of 100 million euros every year for the development and promotion of biodegradable rapid hydraulic oil.


Biodegradable Manifold block hydraulic oil is also called environment friendly hydraulic oil or green hydraulic oil, which can not only meet the use requirements of hydraulic system, but also does no harm to the environment. At present, the biodegradable hydraulic oils produced abroad are mainly synthetic fats and vegetable oils.


Vegetable oil type Manifold block hydraulic oil has good lubrication performance, non-toxic, cheap price and easy biodegradation, but its high and low temperature performance is not ideal. The synthetic lipid hydraulic oil has good low temperature flow performance, anti-foam, anti-wear and excellent high temperature antioxidant performance, long service life, and non-toxic, rapid biodegradation, its biodegradation in 28 to 90 days time more than 60%. Therefore, synthetic fat type biodegradable lubricating oil is considered to be the most ideal hydraulic oil.


At present, the main problem of synthetic lipid-type biodegradable Manifold block hydraulic oil is poor hydrolysis stability, and its price is 3 to 5 times that of mineral based hydraulic oil. From the perspective of environmental protection requirements, experts predict that in the next 10 years, most of the mineral hydraulic oil used in walking machinery will be replaced by biodegradable hydraulic oil quickly.

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