Analysis of the difference between floor boring and milling machine and floor longmen milling?

Floor boring and milling machine, this kind of machine tool for horizontal spindle, spindle power is generally very large, using gear box transmission, machine tool spindle speed is not too high. The main shaft interface uses ISO interface form.

Machine tool structure, machine tool also according to the X axis stroke size of different manufacturing into fixed column and moving column type, machine tool Y axis slide rail installed on the side of the column; Z axis side hanging on the side of the column, because its shape is similar to a pillow, so it is called the pillow, in the pillow there is a can extend, indent spindle head, called the W axis, axis diameter is smaller, the stroke is slightly smaller than the Z axis. This structure mainly solves the difficult machining problem that many parts are relatively deep holes or more interference in machining.

The table of small machine tool is t-slot structure, because the table is small, so some machine tool table can be divided. Large machine workbench is fixed table, column moving.

Floor boring and milling machine generally does not install tool library, there are also user tool library, but the number of tool library is not much.

Application, this kind of machine tool is mainly used for large rack parts which are difficult to process, and the main shaft is required to be long. For example: processing of some machine headstock, processing of large Marine engine and so on.

Gantry type machining center, the definition of this type of machine tool spindle vertical placement. Spindle division and horizontal machining center the same.

The machine tool structure, the machine tool column is a double column, the Y axis is a beam, and the column into a portal structure, the Z axis and the headstock move along the portal beam, this kind of equipment is a portal structure, so the Y axis stroke of the machine tool can be done very large, to solve the vertical machining center Y axis stroke limitation. This kind of machine tool from the X axis travel 600mm to dozens of meters, the travel span is large, such as the installation of Angle head in the spindle head, the machine tool is called the gantry pentahedron processing machine, can do 1 clamping processing five sides. The processing accuracy of basic structural parts of large equipment is well guaranteed.

A relatively small machine with a movable table and a T-slot. Large machine tools for fixed worktable, column movement, but also the use of t-slot.

The tool store is on the side of the machine tool. It is usually a chain tool store. The tool arm changes the tool.

Application, gantry machine tools are used in places where large parts are needed for processing, such as: Shipbuilding industrial structure of processing, machine tool industry base parts processing, automotive covering parts mould processing, large hydraulic press mold processing, textile machinery industry of large frame processing, etc., because of the stability of the gate structure, in small precision mold processing, also can choose this kind of structure, such as processing computer connector mold, resin lens injection mold and so on.

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