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Analysis of processing technology of Manifold Block hydraulic valve valve hole

In the processing of Manifold Block hydraulic valve hole, the processing equipment should be optimized. Horizontal machining center is adopted for the processing of Manifold block hydraulic valve hole, and the machining center should have higher stiffness. The overall processing process of Manifold block valve hole should be completed in the same machining center. In addition, in the process of processing, the machining tool material should be selected to the greater hardness of the material, in order to ensure the stable processing of the tool. The valve hole processing equipment, especially to the processing tool for a long research process, the rigid boring reamer found by our country will be boring, reaming process and extrusion of the hole together so that it can complete the large margin roughing process, but also to complete the finishing process, is a high efficiency of the tool. In the rough machining process of rigid boring reamer, most of the cutting tasks are completed by the tool tip part. After years of research and development, the boring reamer technology has been a lot of improvement and improvement, including increasing the length of the guide blade, etc., but the improved boring reamer will still cause a large surface roughness error, in the cylinder and roundness can not be effectively guaranteed. As the core part of Manifold block hydraulic valve, the processing quality of valve hole can fundamentally affect the efficiency of hydraulic valve. Therefore, in the future development, we should conduct more in-depth research on the valve hole processing technology, and constantly find new processing technology and new processing tools, in order to obtain higher quality valve holes, and improve the efficiency of the hydraulic valve.


Maintenance requirements for the overall hydraulic support:


1. The pipe seals shall not be damaged or leak


2. Each column and jack shall not have self-shrinking, liquid string and liquid leakage phenomenon


3. Guard plate and side guard plate should be safe, flexible and reliable


4. The connecting locks and positioning pins shall not be misplaced or missing or damaged. There should be no cracking at any welding place.


What is the working principle of electromagnetic reversing hydraulic valve? Next, hydraulic valve manufacturers and we introduce in detail.


There is a closed cavity in the electromagnetic directional Manifold block hydraulic valve, and there are through holes in different directions, and each hole is connected with different oil pipes. The piston is in the center of the chamber, and two electromagnets are on both sides. Whichever magnet coil is energized, the valve body will be attracted to which side.


The working principle of electromagnetic directional Manifold block hydraulic valve

Solenoid directional Manifold block hydraulic valve


By controlling the movement of the valve body to open or close different drainage holes, and the oil inlet hole is normally open, the hydraulic oil will enter the different drainage pipe, and then through the oil pressure to promote the piston of the cylinder, the piston and the piston rod, the piston rod and the mechanical equipment.


In this way, the current flow of the electromagnet is controlled by the control of the mechanical motion. In the pneumatic circuit, the role of electromagnetic control valve is to control the flow channel through, off or change the direction of compressed air flow. The main working principle is to use the electromagnetic force generated by the electromagnetic coil to promote the switch of the spool to achieve the reversing of the air flow.


According to the different driving modes of the solenoid control part of the reversing valve, it can be divided into direct-acting solenoid reversing hydraulic valve and pilot solenoid reversing hydraulic valve. The direct-acting electromagnetic reversing hydraulic valve directly uses the electromagnetic force to push the spool reversing, while the pilot valve uses the pilot air pressure output by the electromagnetic pilot valve to push the spool reversing.


The above is the sharing of the working principle of Manifold Block hydraulic valve brought by the manufacturer of Manifold Block hydraulic valve. To learn more about the hydraulic valve, please pay attention to the official website of our company.

Precision analysis of Manifold Block hydraulic valve hole

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