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Analysis of Manifold Block solenoid directional valve control types


Manifold Block electromagnetic directional control valve can be used in different control modes to change the relative position between the valve core and the inner hole of the valve body to realize the direction reversal. The common control modes of the directional valve in oil pressure include electromagnetic control, hydraulic control, electro-hydraulic combined control, manual control, motor control, pneumatic control and so on.


At present, in the application of Manifold Block hydraulic system, the valve core is often moved by mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic or manual methods according to the needs. The direction valve of the moving spool is called the manual valve by the hand operation, and the direction valve of the moving spool is called the motor reversing valve or mechanical reversing valve by the CAM pressure pin connected to the actuator.


In addition, there is the Manifold Block electromagnetic directional valve which is pushed by the suction of electromagnet and the hydraulic directional valve which moves the valve core by relying on the pressure oil. The control mode of Manifold Block electro-hydraulic directional valve can be regarded as the combination of the electromagnetic directional valve and the hydraulic directional valve, and the electromagnetic control of the solenoid pilot directional valve is relied on. To realize the flow control of pressure oil, and then rely on pressure oil to push the valve core of hydraulic valve.


In practical application, the choice of the control mode of the reversing valve can be flexibly selected according to the actual situation. Electromagnetic reversing hydraulic valve is easy to realize automatic control, manual reversing valve control is more flexible, can be adjusted according to the need at any time, such as reversing time, compared with the electromagnetic reversing valve faster reversing time, manual reversing valve has relatively small reversing impact.


Each corresponding control mode also has its corresponding disadvantages, which should be taken into full consideration when designing. For example, the solenoid reversing hydraulic valve coil is easy to burn when the valve core is blocked, and the manual reversing valve needs to consider the convenient control of the installation position.


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