Acceptance requirements for parts in large – scale machining

I. Acceptance requirements

1. Appearance inspection

(1) Check whether the finish of machined parts meets the requirements of the drawings.

(2) Check the appearance of machined parts for damage, rust, collision and thread shape and Angle is correct.

(3) If the above problems are found, detailed records should be made for future reference.

2. Quantity acceptance

(1) According to the supply contract and the processing voucher, check the material, specification and quantity of the workpiece strictly against the drawings, and check and check each piece.

(2) Make a quantity acceptance record, indicating the acceptance place, time, participants, type, product name, due and actual quantity.

3. Quality acceptance

(1) Assembly shall be carried out in strict accordance with the provisions and procedures required by the general assembly drawings.

(2) Carefully record quality acceptance. If there is any quality problem with the workpiece, the detailed information shall be notified to the outsourcing processing unit in written form. Decide whether to return or replace according to the situation.

(3) In case of special requirements, the processing unit can jointly accept and assemble, and the acceptance document can be signed after the installation is qualified.

Ii. Acceptance procedures

1. After mechanical processing workpiece is received, full-time acceptance personnel shall be sent to check and accept the material, specification, model and quantity of the workpiece according to the contract and the drawing requirements.

2. The acceptance period is generally 1-2 days. Special case depends on the use effect to determine. If quality problems can be returned to the processing unit, claim, processing unit to bear economic losses.

3. Generally, processing contracts signed by non-production departments will be directly checked and accepted by the departments used, and acceptance reports will be filled out.

4. Acceptance personnel must handle maintenance and return procedures for unqualified parts and components within the specified acceptance period.

5. For the acceptance of special precision machined parts, full-time acceptance personnel shall organize relevant personnel to jointly accept and fill in the acceptance report in detail. The unqualified parts should be filled in the inspection report in detail, as the conditions for improving the processing accuracy and determine the direction of the parts outsourcing processing manufacturers.

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