A brief discussion on handling operation of large mechanical equipment processing


On the transfer of some heavy objects, the ground is flat, you can choose caterpillar transfer equipment. When using caterpillar transfer equipment, if the ground is not flat or the ground is not strong, you can choose to lay steel plates on the ground. If the ground is uneven, there is an obstruction of the occasion, we advocate the use of more obstruction transfer equipment. On the occasion of turning in the transfer process, we advocate the use of steering transfer equipment.

About the size of the long large weight, we advocate the use of combined transfer equipment, in the use of combined transfer equipment to choose the same standard transfer equipment, so as not to transfer equipment height is not the same, in the process of transfer risk.

About the ground is not the same, we also have PU rubber wheel and steel wheel for you to choose, PU rubber wheel on the ground request is not high, the main selection of strength PU raw materials, good stability, strong grip, can maintain the ground, not harm the ground. The load capacity of steel wheel is strong, and the load of equipment transfer equipment is the common load of ordinary work. Because its steel structure has no elastic buffering effect, it has higher request to the ground, and is suitable for the transfer of strength ground and large tonnage equipment.

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