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Manifold Block hydraulic valve manufacturer

Manifold Block hydraulic valve manufacturer: there will be some faults when the hydraulic valve is in use. Today, let’s understand the reason why the hydraulic valve fails!


1, Manifold Block hydraulic oil conditions:


1) Mixed with impurities, water, air and deterioration;


2) Viscosity, temperature is appropriate;


3) lubricity;


4) Whether the inhalation conditions are good,


5) Abnormal high pressure and pressure fluctuation.


2. The quality of the component itself:


1) Structure and strength;


2) Quality of parts;


3) Wear, scratch and viscosity of the sliding part;


4) Wear, scratch, deformation and deterioration of parts;


5) Oil leakage internal leakage or external leakage.


3. External conditions:


1) Loosening of fastening bolts, deformation and damage caused by excessive fastening;


2) Drastic changes in load;


3) Vibration and shock;


4) assembly, disassembly, repair the wrong business and sequence, the quality of tools, parts of the damage, deformation and scar and loss.


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Principles to be followed in the use of Manifold Block hydraulic valve


Manifold Block hydraulic valve: In order to make the maintenance of Manifold block valve safe and reliable, certain principles should be followed.


Manifold block hydraulic valve


1. Before disassembling Manifold Block hydraulic valve, move the handle of the valve in all directions to release the pressure in the system;


2. Before disassembling Manifold Block hydraulic valve, all working mechanisms of hydraulic transmission should be locked or placed in a lower position;


3. Cut off the power supply before disassembling the Manifold Block hydraulic valve, so as not to start the system accidentally or make the tool fly out.


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