What technology is needed for large machining

In production, large mechanical processing is very important, we must carry out in accordance with the relevant standards and requirements, so as to ensure the accuracy of processing, to be able to produce the size and shape of suitable accessories, so that our work can be more sustainable and normal, will not cause too much impact and loss.

Large mechanical processing http://www.czyqzg.com technology is to use the corresponding processing methods for machining of mechanical parts, so that its shape, size and nature are in line with the corresponding standards, mainly including rough processing, finishing, assembly, inspection and packaging and other processes, as long as we ensure the accuracy of each processing process, Can make the finished product more standardized, reasonable, to ensure that it meets the relevant standards.

1, remove the oxide skin on the parts, while processing the appearance of the parts should not appear scratches, scratches and other defects.

2, in the assembly of too heavy, should ensure that its shape, length, size, temperature in line with the relevant standards, at the same time to ensure the sealing of the whole system, so as not to affect the assembly of hydraulic system.

3, in the process of assembly, it is best to avoid parts bump, scratch or rust and other conditions, affecting large mechanical processing, so that the performance of the product is affected and damage, so that our work can not continue to normal.


How to determine machining allowance for machining

First, table lookup. According to the processing allowance data provided by relevant manuals, and then combined with the actual production situation of the factory to determine the processing allowance. This is a method that is widely used in factories.

Second, empirical estimation. According to the accumulated experience of the process personnel to determine the processing allowance. Generally, in order to prevent waste products from being produced due to too small margin, the estimated margin is always large. Often used for single piece, small batch production.

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