What are the structural characteristics of CNC longmen milling machine?

1, control the coordinate characteristics of machine tool movement. In order to put the workpiece on the continuous processing, all kinds of complicated shape contour must control tool set along a straight line, arc or straight line, arc track movement of the space, which requires the nc milling machine servo drive system in the direction of multi-axis coordinated action at the same time, and keep the relationship of the reservation, which would require the machine should be able to realize multi-axis linkage. CNC longmen milling to control the number of coordinates, at least any two coordinates in three coordinates, to achieve continuous processing of linear bevel workpiece, at least to achieve four-coordinate linkage, and if you want to process curve bevel workpiece, it requires the realization of five-coordinate linkage. Ransheng mechanical experts said, therefore, CNC gantry milling system configuration, in the grade is generally higher than other CNC machine tools.

2, CNC gantry milling spindle characteristics. Modern CNC gantry milling spindle start and stop, spindle positive and negative rotation and spindle speed, etc., can be programmed into the program media automatically. Different machine tools, its variable speed function and range are also different. Some use frequency conversion unit (currently rarely used), fixed a number of speed, optional into the program, but can not be changed in operation; Some use the frequency converter speed regulation, the speed is divided into several grades, the program can choose a gear, in operation through the control panel knob, free adjustment within the range of the file; Some are not graded, the program can choose a value in the whole speed range, in the main shaft operation, can be stepless adjustment in the full speed range, but from the safety point of view, each time can only be adjusted up or down in the allowed range, can not have sharp ups and downs of mutation. In the spindle sleeve of CNC longmen milling, there is generally an automatic pulling and retracting device, which can complete the loading and unloading of the knife in a few seconds, so that the tool is more convenient.Guilong manifold blocks