What are the common types of machining

For machining, you may not understand the machining knowledge should be a lot. Machining is the process of using mechanical equipment to change the size or performance of the workpiece. There are many different processing types, now more commonly used seven processing types are what mechanical processing technology?


1, turning (vertical car, horizontal car) : turning is the workpiece on the metal cutting. When the workpiece rotates, the tool cuts into the workpiece or turns along the workpiece;


2, milling (vertical milling, horizontal milling) : the use of rotating tool for metal cutting processing, mainly used for groove straight surface processing, can also be two or three axis linkage processing arc surface;


3, boring: boring is the drilling or casting of the workpiece on the hole expansion or further processing of the processing method. The workpiece is mainly used for processing large shape, large diameter, high precision hole processing.


4, planing: planing is mainly characterized by the processing of contour straight surface, in general, the surface roughness is not high milling machine;



6, grinding (plane grinding, cylindrical grinding, inner hole grinding, tool grinding, etc.) : grinding is the use of grinding wheel to remove metal, make the workpiece size accurate, smooth surface of a processing method. It is mainly used for finishing the workpiece after heat treatment to obtain accurate size.


7, drilling: drilling is the use of rotating drill in solid metal workpiece drilling processing; When drilling, the workpiece should be positioned and clamped; In addition to rotation, the drill also moves along its own axis.



Processing tips of machinery processing plant

In this way, parts can be protected from breakage and interchangeability.


In the machining top magnet absorb small parts suction and take are inconvenient, can be in the magnet below a iron plate, not only can absorb many small pieces, and the iron plate will immediately take the initiative to pour into the collection box. In the mechanical processing of the belt pulley transmission between the belt pulley and the wheel shaft often slip, in the wheel shaft with 15~18mm bit series of joint socket, so as to form adsorption force to prevent slipping.


In mechanical processing, when the inner hexagon lever handle is short and can not be applied, the inner diameter of the pipe slightly larger than the spanner can be milling from a section of the groove, and the spanner can be stabbed into the groove as a long handle. There will be a lot of workpiece is not a one-time production, but when the workpiece is produced, it is only a rough model, if the factory becomes a real product, during which also rely on some mechanical equipment for mechanical processing, according to different product needs for mechanical processing.



To draw up the process of machining process in the machinery factory

Machinery factory machine production process refers to the process of making products from raw materials or semi-products. For machine production, it includes the transportation and preservation of raw materials, the preparation of production, the production of blank, the processing and heat treatment of parts, the installation and debugging of products, paint and packaging.

The content of production process is very extensive. Modern enterprises use the principles and methods of system engineering to organize production and guide production, and regard the production process as a production system with input and output. In the production process, any change in the shape, scale, orientation and nature of the production target, so that it becomes a product or semi-product process is called the process. It is the first part of the production process.


Mechanical processing plant can be divided into the casting technological process, casting, stamping, welding, machinery processing, installation and so on craft process, mechanical manufacturing process generally refers to the mechanical parts processing process and machine process is the sum of the installation process, other processes are referred to as the advising process, such as transport, storage, power supply, equipment repair, etc. The process is composed of one or several sequential processes, and a process is composed of several working steps. Working procedure is the fundamental unit of the process of machining.


The so-called working procedure refers to one or a group of workers, in a machine tool or a work address, to the same workpiece or together to several workpiece by the end of that part of the process. The primary characteristic that constitutes a process is that the processing object, equipment and operator are not changed, and the content of the process is completed in succession.


For mechanical processing factory processing process, it is necessary to confirm the workpiece through the order of several working procedure and process, process way is proposed to formulate technology process of general layout, the first priority is to select measures for the processing of various appearance, confirm the appearance of processing order and how much the whole technological process zhonggong ordinal purpose etc. Certain criteria must be followed in the process path formulation.