The main role of gear box and rapid development


The gear box can withstand the force from the wind wheel and the reaction force generated when the gear drive during operation. To some extent, it must have enough rigidity to bear the force and torque, so as to prevent deformation and effectively improve the transmission quality. Gearbox box design should be in accordance with the wind turbine power transmission layout, processing and assembly conditions, easy to check and maintenance requirements.




Now with the continuous rapid development of its gear box industry, now more and more industries and different enterprises will use the gear box, there are more and more enterprises in the gear box industry development. According to the modular design principle of unit structure, the gear box greatly reduces the types of parts and components, which is suitable for mass production and flexible selection. Reducer spiral bevel gear, helical gear are made of high quality alloy steel carburized and hardened, tooth surface hardness up to 60±2HRC, tooth surface grinding accuracy up to 5-6.




The main function of the gear box


1. Acceleration and deceleration is often referred to as the variable speed gearbox.


2. Change the transmission direction. For example, we use two sector gears to transfer the force vertically to the other rotating shaft.


3. Change the rotational torque. Under the same power condition, the faster the speed of the gear, the smaller the torque of the shaft, and vice versa.


4. Clutch function: We can separate the engine from the load by separating the two originally engaged gears. Such as the brake clutch.


5. Distribute momentum. For example, we can use one engine to drive multiple slave shafts through the gearbox spindle, so as to realize the function of one engine to drive multiple loads.




The lubrication system of gear box is very important for the normal work of the gear box. The large wind turbine gear box must be equipped with a reliable forced lubrication system to lubricate the gear meshing area and bearings. Lack of lubrication accounts for more than half of the causes of gearbox failure. Lubricating oil temperature is related to component fatigue and the life of the whole system. Generally speaking, the oil temperature of the gear box should not exceed 80℃ when working normally, and the temperature difference between different bearings should not exceed 15℃. When the oil temperature is higher than 65℃, the cooling system starts to work; When the oil temperature is lower than 10℃ to start, the lubricating oil should be heated to a predetermined temperature before starting.

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