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Repair method of Manifold Block hydraulic valve restore dimension


Manifold Block hydraulic valve manufacturers: Although the process is simple, it has its limitations by adopting the parts matching method to repair the hydraulic valve, and adopt the repair size rule to adapt to a wider range of occasions. Simple and feasible repair size method has two kinds of replacement parts method, repair method


Repair method of Manifold Block hydraulic valve restore dimension




1. Replacement of parts:




It is to disassemble the spool which has lost the matching accuracy, measure and draw the part drawing. Check body guide holes or seats for wear or damage and determine the repair amount based on this, and then repair by reaming or grinding. For the seat with a certain taper, special machining tools need to be made. After processing to the corresponding accuracy, the actual size needs to be measured, and then the new spool is processed according to this size. [Hydraulic valve manufacturers] This maintenance method has high maintenance accuracy, wide adaptability, and can completely restore the original accuracy of the valve body. This method of replacing parts should be applicable to enterprises with certain processing ability.




2. There are many types of repair and maintenance processes, which are suitable for hydraulic valve maintenance. The most common process method for hydraulic valve is brush plating, also known as electroplating.




The reasonable repair thickness of electric coating should be less than 0.12mm, which basically meets the maintenance requirements of hydraulic valve with uniform wear. Follow-up processing is still needed after repair. Commonly used hydraulic valve manufacturer 】 【 electric plating technology is a chemical compound electric plating, chemical composite plating is in mature developed on the basis of the electroplating process, has convenient operation, low cost, easy to control, the advantages of simple equipment, its technology to the valve or valve core hole surface deposition has a variety of composition of composite coating, The coating is fastened with the base metal and has strong self-repair ability, excellent heat conduction performance, high mechanical strength, low friction coefficient and low thermal expansion coefficient.




The life, performance and reliability of the hydraulic valve repaired carefully by the hydraulic valve manufacturer can be close to the original level of function, and the use of new technology and new materials in maintenance can also extend its life and improve the performance.

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