Pick the cause of feed machining site


Now poultry and animals are fed with feed, and feed processing also has a special feed machinery and equipment, the following is xiaobian from a scientific point of view analysis, with feed mechanical processing feed what advantages exist, and these are the reasons for attracting users.

The use of mechanical feed, which is formulated with very comprehensive nutrients, this can prevent the animals from being picky eaters. Because the output of feed is fundamentally granular, can adhere to the uniformity in each process, and then can reduce unnecessary loss, together can also save transport costs.

During feed processing, a series of reactions occur in the feed due to the effects of factors such as moisture, temperature and pressure, which aid digestion. In addition, the fluidity of pellet feed is good, and the adhesion phenomenon rarely occurs, which is also one of the reasons to attract customers.

Feed mechanical processing feed will not be as simple as powder classification phenomenon, so it is not simple dust, environmental pollution is relatively reduced a lot, very fit with the concept of environmental protection production. In summary, feed machinery is more ambitious feed processing equipment, to be used well.