Manifold block

Manifold Block has 5 performance advantages


Manifold Block is composed of integrated hydraulic components (such as superposition valve). When the integrated hydraulic parts are used to form the hydraulic transmission system, there is no need for additional connecting blocks, which are immediately combined with its own oil circuit board as the connecting body.




(1) Hydraulic transmission system has compact structure, convenient installation and short assembly line cycle time.


(2) If there is a change in the hydraulic transmission system, and the components must be adjusted to change the working condition, the assembly is convenient and fast.


(3) There is no pipe connection in the middle of the components, which eliminates the leakage, vibration and noise caused by the oil pipeline and the tee joint.


(4) The whole system has flexible configuration, neat appearance and easy maintenance.


(5) High degree of standardization, generalization and integration.


The effect of Manifold Block hydraulic Manifold block depends on what integrated components are included in the field effect tube. The integrated components are different, and the effects are different. If the field effect tube includes speed control valve, relief valve and hydraulic directional valve, it always has the effect of variable pressure, variable speed and speed regulation


The paper introduces two main reasons for the blockage of Manifold Block hydraulic valve


The manufacturers of Manifold Block hydraulic valve say that in the process of using Manifold Block hydraulic valve, due to the control requirements of the flow velocity of the hydraulic cylinder system, the throttle port of the hydraulic valve is small, which can lead to the blockage of the hydraulic valve. In addition, the following two points are also the reasons for the blockage of the hydraulic valve, let’s have a look at it.




1, the impurities in the oil or the gum precipitated by oxidation and other dirt piled up in the throttle gap; When the valve port pressure difference is large, it is easy to produce plugging phenomenon.




2, due to the aging of the oil or after the extrusion of charged molecules, are adsorbed to the surface of the gap, forming a firm boundary adsorption layer, thus affecting the size of the throttle gap. When the above accumulation and adsorption grow to a certain thickness, they will be washed away by the liquid flow and then re-attached to the valve port. And so on and so forth, and so forth, and so forth, and so forth.




General Manifold block hydraulic valve will not be blocked as long as the oil is kept clean enough. This also requires us to pay attention to the cleaning of the hydraulic valve in the process of using the hydraulic valve to keep the operation of the hydraulic valve.




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