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How to change the oil seal of Manifold block hydraulic cylinder


Many friends ask how to change the oil seal of the hydraulic cylinder. Today, Yucifeng special hydraulic will explain to you the replacement steps of the hydraulic cylinder oil seal:


First, get a fixed number of oil seals.


Two, from the oil seal to the assembly, must be kept clean.

Hydraulic cylinder oil seal


Three, before assembly, do a good job of oil seal inspection, measure the size of each part of the oil seal is consistent with the size of the shaft and cavity. Before the installation of the oil seal, the size of the shaft diameter and the inner diameter of the oil seal should be clearly compared. The size of the cavity should be suitable for the outer diameter width of the oil seal. Check whether the lip of the oil seal is damaged or deformed, and whether the spring falls off or rusts. Prevent the oil seal in the process of transportation without flat, by external force extrusion and impact, and destroy its roundness.


4. Make machining inspection procedures before assembly. Measure the cavity and axis of each part of the size is correct. Especially the inner chamfer. No slope. The end face processing of the shaft and cavity should be smooth, chamfering without damage and burr, clean the assembly part, and there should be no burrs, sand, iron filings and other debris in the loading place (chamfering) of the shaft, which will produce irregular damage to the oil seal lip. It is recommended that the chamfering part use R Angle.


Five, in the operation skills, you can feel with your hand, whether smooth, really round.


Six, before the installation of the oil seal, do not tear the paper too early to prevent debris attached to the surface of the oil seal and into the work.


Seven. Before installation, the oil seal should be daubed with lithium ester with molybdenum disulfide between the lips in an appropriate amount to prevent dry grinding of the lips when the shaft is started instantly, affecting the interference of the lips, and should be assembled as soon as possible. If the oil seal seat is not installed immediately, it is recommended to cover it with cloth to prevent foreign bodies from attaching to the oil seal. Make sure your hands or tools are clean.


Eight, the oil seal should be flat-packed, there can be no tilt phenomenon. Hydraulic equipment or sleeve tools are recommended for installation. The pressure should not be too great, and the speed should be uniform and slow.


Ix. For the machine with oil seal, mark it for tracking and pay attention to the whole process. When installing the transition on the step shaft, it is necessary to use copper skin to guide the transition or use plastic tape to protect the transition, so as not to damage the oil seal.

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