Gantry boring and milling machine is mainly suitable for what processing

Gantry boring and milling machine reputation should be very big, and every machinery factory almost will have a machine tool, in order to meet their own production needs. Such a machine tool price is relatively high, it is suitable for what aspects of processing, and what kind of characteristics?

The scope of application of this machine tool is very wide, whether you need to drill, or boring, or milling groove, in fact, can be given to this machine tool to solve. But its price is not expensive in these aspects of use, but it can do other machine tools can not do. For many products with complex shapes and high processing difficulty, the general machine tool is difficult to meet the processing requirements, and even difficult to ensure the quality of the product, but the gantry boring and milling machine can do it. In addition, some products need one-time clamping and one-time molding, which is also able to do gantry milling. It should be said that some parts of the difficult diseases are it can solve, so it is not unreasonable to sell expensive.Guilong manifold blocks