Development trend of CNC gantry boring and milling machine

In light industry production, whether it is the aviation and aerospace industry, civil aviation carrier industry, bus and ship building industry, or heavy industry group zero component processing. In these industries, CNC gantry boring and milling machines occupy an irreplaceable leading position. At the same time in production, it is also due to the wide range of CNC gantry boring and milling machine in processing, so it fully shows the extraordinary value of CNC gantry boring and milling machine. China CNC gantry boring and milling machine business cargo structure has been optimized and the following characteristics appear:

First, with the development of light industry and the progress of skills, goods tend to be large (heavy) and super large.

Second, the middle and low end CNC gantry boring and milling machine market needs to change the branch and force point. All industries require high-speed, high precision, high stiffness, composite gantry boring and milling machine in the process of skill upgrading and innovation.

Third, the proportion of customized goods is gradually promoted to meet the personalized needs of different users.


CNC gantry milling processing and structure

CNC gantry milling processing definition:

CNC gantry milling refers to the use of CNC gantry milling machine for parts related operations.

CNC longmen milling machine structure definition:

CNC longmen milling machine structure is the concrete structure of the index control longmen milling machine structure.

CNC longmen milling machine processing and structure:

1, CNC longmen milling machine processing: general longmen milling machine can only along the longitudinal milling table, the lateral end technicians are powerless, especially the end of the longer parts; One side can be milled by horizontal washing, while the other side cannot be milled. Encountered above machining surface, milling must be carried out in the gantry milling machine, which increases the machining cycle of parts, but also it is difficult to earn the position accuracy of these machining surface. In order to solve the above problems, must be equipped with accessories, in a card can not complete more processing surface, shorten the processing cycle of large parts and ensure accuracy. Longmen milling machine in the processing of large parts, often encounter concave processing surface, this processing surface, the milling method of longmen milling machine is not, must be processed with special equipment. Because similar to this shape of the processing surface, the need to milling head god knife inside to process. Ran sheng machinery experts said, in order to expand the use of longmen milling machine, now design a right Angle anti-milling head accessories, can be installed in the annex spindle cold surface milling cutter milling concave surface.

In addition, there are many large parts of the processing plane is located in the parts inside, and very deep, due to the processing parts of the structure of the restrictions, gantry milling machine can not milling these machining surface, in order to solve the teaching depth of the machining surface milling, only equipped with milling cutter extension accessories, the minimum extension length is 315mm; The maximum extension length of milling cutter is 750mm. This accessory can drill the milling cutter into deep milling, and can be mounted with milling cutter or rod cutter for plane milling or groove milling.

2, CNC gantry milling structure: CNC gantry milling is composed of portal frame, bed table and electrical control system.

(1) CNC gantry milling structure of the portal frame: the portal frame is composed of columns and top beams, and beams in the middle. The beam can move up and down along the two column guide rails. There are 1 or 2 milling heads with vertical spindle on the beam, which can move horizontally along the beam guide rail. A milling head with a horizontal spindle can also be installed on the two columns, which can move up and down along the column guide rail. These milling heads can process several surfaces simultaneously. Each mill head has a separate motor (up to 150 kW), transmission mechanism, control mechanism and spindle components.

(2) CNC gantry milling structure of the bed table.

(3) Electrical control system of CNC gantry milling structure.

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