Contraindications in structural design of large mechanical equipment processing

Avoid multiple parts combination processing

Complex machined surfaces should be designed on the outer surface rather than the inner surface

Avoid chamfering parts with complex shapes

Stop fitting of non-circular parts must be avoided

Avoid unnecessary supplementary processing

Avoid parts that cannot be clamped

Avoid parts structure without measuring base plane

Avoid shock and vibration in machining

9 Avoid drilling holes in the inclined plane

The bottom of the 10 through hole should not be partially undrilled

Reduce the number of cutting tools used for processing the same part

12 Avoid multiple fixation in processing

Pay attention to the possibility of machining more than one part at once

14. Pay attention to reducing the blank size

15 Processed surface and unprocessed surface should not be flush

Reduce the length of machining surface

17 Different machining accuracy of the surface to separate

Change the parts with complex shapes into composite parts to facilitate machining

Avoid unnecessary accuracy requirements

The tool is easy to enter or exit the machining surface

Avoid processing enclosed Spaces

Avoid the tool can not get close to the workpiece

Do not use parts that do not fit the tool shape

The influence of casting error should be consideredGuilong manifold blocks