CNC gantry milling machine assembly necessary knowledge

CNC gantry milling machine industry development in our country starts late, although domestic nc machine tool development time is not long, but has maintained rapid growth trend, the current for nc machine tools, CNC gantry milling machine, CNC gantry machining center) is still very strong demand, machine tool market of our country enterprise has its place in the end, Due to technical reasons, high-end machine tools are still in the state of importing more foreign machine tools. An old Chinese saying is right, science and technology is the first production development force, only the technical level improved, we can recapture our CNC machine tool high-end market, so that the domestic machine tool enterprises get better development. Assembly CNC machine tools (CNC longmen milling machine) what knowledge? The following eight points can be explained:

1. Have basic knowledge of electrical principles, principles and applications of common factory appliances.

2. Understand and learn the use and maintenance of common electrical measuring instruments, tools and protective appliances in electrical circuit diagrams.

3. Installation, laying, use and maintenance of indoor lines, overhead lines and cable lines, common types of wires, selection and connection methods.

4. Type, use and operation control, maintenance, installation and repair of AC asynchronous motors.

5. Commonly used transformer and distribution equipment and control low-voltage electrical appliances, safe operation of transformer and distribution office.

6. First aid method for electric shock.

7. Transistor polarity and parameter test, transistor circuit application.

8. Other electrical equipment (hand-held power tools, welding equipment,) application of CNC machine tools.Guilong manifold blocks