Classification of machining


By wuxi City Tiecheng machinery Factory xiaobian to talk about the classification of mechanical processing, my factory is a set of design, development, manufacturing, domestic sales and foreign trade services as one of the machinery manufacturing enterprises, the benchmark of mechanical processing can be divided into design benchmark and process benchmark two categories:


Design datum: the datum used to determine the position of other points, lines and surfaces on the part drawing, called design datum.

Process reference: the reference point used by a part during machining and assembly. Process datum is divided into assembly datum, measuring datum and positioning datum according to different uses.

A. Assembly datum: the datum used to determine the position of parts in components or products during assembly, which is called assembly datum.

B. Measuring datum: a datum used to check the size and position of the machined surface, known as the measuring datum.

C, positioning datum: the workpiece positioning datum used during processing, known as positioning datum. As the surface of the positioning datum, only the raw blank surface can be selected in the process, and the positioning surface is called the rough datum. In the following each process can be used to have processed surface as a positioning reference, this positioning surface called precision reference.


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