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BM16PX Manifold PDF

D07 Hydraulic Manifold Block, BM16PX Series Extra High Flow Valve Manifold

* BM16PX Extra High Flow For Standard Valve Pattern Manifold Block
* Max. Pressure: Aluminum up to 207bar/3000psi, Steel up to 350bar/500psi
* Threaded Connection: 3 types of threaded SAE, NPT, BSPP for optional

D07 Hydraulic Manifold Block, BM16PX extra high flow valve manifold with extra high flow rate for size 16 and CETO7 pattern valve. There are P and T ports on the side of the manifold block, which called side ported. The top of the hydraulic manifold block is the standard valve pattern and bolts connection, the surface of the connection should be perfect smooth for mounting valve, otherwise, which will lead to leakage.
Manifold For Valve Adopted Pattern:
ISO no.: 4401-07-06 series
Rexroth: WH16, WEH16 series
Bosch: 081WV16P1 series
Denison: A-3D02 series
Nachi: A-3D03 series
Vickers: DG5S4-04, (K)DG3V-7, (K)DG5V-7 series

Hydraulic Manifold BM16PX Series Ordering Code:
Hydraulic Manifold BM16PX Series Dimensions:

D07 (Size 16) Parallel Circuit Extra High Flow