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ABM10PL Manifold PDF

D05 Hydraulic Manifold Block, Low Flow Aluminum Hydraulic Manifold ABM10PL Series

* Low fluid rate flow, pressure gauge at A and B port each
* Max. Pressure: Aluminum up to 207bar/3000psi, Steel up to 350bar/500psi
* Threaded Connection: SAE or Custom threaded available

D05 Hydraulic Manifold Block, low flow aluminum hydraulic manifold ABM10PL is designed for the standard mounting hydraulic valves, only the carbon steel is available for this kind. Each valve station is drilling the thread for mounting the pressure gauge which is connecting to the port A. When the valve spool is switching, if P port to A port, or A port to T port, the related pressure can be read from the pressure gauge, presetting the hydraulic system by pressure relief valve.
Manifold Block Surface Treatment:
Steel= Black galvanized or zinc plated
Alloy Aluminum= Aluminum oxidation
Manifold For Valve Adopted Pattern:
ISO no.: 4401-05-04 series
Rexroth:WE10 series
Bosch: FD4-**HS-*02 series
Continental: ED05M V*12M series
Denison: A-3D02 series
Nachi: SS-G03, DMA-G03 series
Parker: D3W
Vickers: DG4S*-01, DG4V-4, (K)DG4V-5 series

Hydraulic Manifold ABM10PL Series Ordering Code:
Hydraulic Manifold ABM10PL Series Dimensions:

D05 (Size 10) Parallel Circuit Low Flow