Project Description

manifold block-66

Custom Aluminum Hydraulic Manifold, : Aluminum Manifold Distributor Block For Cartridge Valves

* Custom design hydraulic manifold, standard cartridge valves
* High quality of Aluminum materials 6061-T6 or 7075-T3
* Custom threaded connection available to different requirement

Custom Aluminum Hydraulic Manifold, Distributor Block are designed for mounting various brands of cartridge valves, such as Sun cartridge valves, Parker cartridge valves, Eaton screw in cartridge valves, HydraForce cartridge valves etc. The base is designed as per the different cartridge dimensions and connection threads, there is a standard dimensions and custom dimension option.
The materials of this distributor block is aluminum or steel for different operation selection, the aluminum is usually acceptable for cartridge valve base, which is characteristics of light weight, easy replacement, and good looking for mounting

manifold block-66
manifold block-67