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Analysis of causes of excessive oil temperature in Manifold Block hydraulic system and solutions


Cause analysis and solution measures


(1) Excessive loss leads to the conversion of a large amount of pressure into heat.


In daily use, if the design and installation of pipelines in Manifold Block hydraulic system are unreasonable or the pipeline maintenance and cleaning can not be carried out in a timely manner, a large amount of pressure loss will be caused, so it is best to find and improve it in time during debugging and maintenance. When some of the higher viscosity, can be combined with the actual situation to choose more suitable viscosity of oil; When the pipeline is too thin or too long, it will also lead to excessive oil resistance, resulting in greater energy loss.


The heat energy will also increase, at this time should be used for the reasonable size of the pipeline and valve, as far as possible to reduce the length of the pipeline, appropriate to increase the diameter of the pipe, the bending radius of the pipe should be reduced.


(2) Excessive volume loss leads to oil heating.


Once in the air inside the loop of Manifold block of hydraulic systems, will follow in high and low pressure area constantly repeated cycle, continuous free from mixed with or into hydraulic, this case will form a tremendous pressure, at the same time led to the sharp rise in the oil temperature, or affect the oil oxidation, Parts can be denuded. When this problem occurs, it is necessary to deal with it effectively. The method is to prevent the internal and external leakage in the hydraulic pump, the joints and the gaps in the coordination, and reduce the loss of solvent through the countermeasures. The most important thing is to completely remove the air in the circuit.


Manifold Block hydraulic control element. The important control components in the hydraulic system, all kinds of hydraulic valves, due to the long-term use of the spool and valve sleeve wear leads to the increase of the fit clearance, resulting in internal leakage. Solution: the increase of the internal leakage of the control valve is manifested as the obvious temperature rise of the valve body. If the common reversing valve is in the middle of the more serious internal leakage, it will cause the misoperation of the hydraulic actuator. For the hydraulic system, especially the high-pressure use of the three-way relief valve if there is internal leakage or improper pressure setting, the oil temperature rise is very obvious, troubleshooting needs to focus on. The solution to the oil temperature rise caused by the control valve is to replace the parts or the whole replacement in time.


Manifold Block hydraulic actuator. Hydraulic system components of the hydraulic cylinder of the most commonly used such as the occurrence of leakage, especially in the process of equipment operation, a hydraulic circuit of the hydraulic cylinder needs to maintain a certain position, solenoid valve control system for a long time to electricity, will appear a cavity has been in high pressure oil hydraulic cylinder, if leakage within the hydraulic cylinder severe, can cause internal string of oil hydraulic cylinder, the hydraulic pump has been flow output, A large amount of flow output, will make a large amount of hydraulic energy loss into heat energy, resulting in oil temperature rise. Solution: the hydraulic cylinder through the pressure oil after the pressure test or hydraulic cylinder one end of the oil port through the high pressure oil, at the same time open the other end of the hydraulic cylinder oil port, check the hydraulic cylinder internal sealing effect, if there is an internal leakage to replace the hydraulic cylinder or repair the damaged seal.


(3) Manifold Block hydraulic station auxiliary faults


The cooler is blocked. Plate heat exchanger is often used in hydraulic station for heat transfer and cooling. During a long time of use, due to impurity precipitation in circulating water, scale and silting in the heat exchanger will lead to the blockage of circulating cooling water channel and affect the cooling effect. Solution: regularly check the temperature difference between the oil inlet and outlet of the heat exchanger of the cooling system and the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the cooling water. If there is abnormal, clean up the internal dirt of the heat exchanger plate in time or replace the new spare parts.


Filter is blocked. Solid particles such as impurities and iron chips contained in the hydraulic oil are adsorbed on the filter core when passing through the filter, which will increase the oil absorption resistance of the pump inlet filter core and lead to high oil temperature rise. The blockage of the circulating filter element in the hydraulic station will cause the pressure difference between the front and back of the pump to become larger, resulting in the increase of the load of the circulating pump, the decrease of volumetric efficiency, the increase of mechanical loss, and the rise of oil temperature. Solution: increase the filter blocking alarm device, find the filter blocking in time, control the cleanliness of oil, select the appropriate precision filter and replace it regularly.

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